Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's) as of 04.11.16 

Q.When is garage pick-up
A. Wednesday AM set-out 

Q. What are Warwicke House paint colors ?
A.          Siding
        Finish: A15W00051 - Wood Scapes Exterior Acrylic Solid  Color Stain
        Finish: K44W00051 - Resilience Exterior Latex Gloss
    Wood decks solid color
        2 Coats: A15W00151 - Deck Scapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color Deck Stain
    Steel railings
        Primer: A11W00210 - All Surface enamel alkyd gloss primer
        Finish: A11B00200 - All surface enamel alkyd gloss black
The paint can be purchased at the Sherwin Williams Store in Clemmons, NC.

Q. Who is Warwicke Place landscaper ?
A. Mike Keene, (336) 399-0885

Q. Who is responsible for snow removal ?
A. Town of Bermuda Run (336) 998-0906 responsible for street snow removal and residents responsible for driveway

Q. What are monthly homeowners dues ?
A. $195.00 ( Effective February 1,2022) 

Q. What's covered in monthly fee of  $195.00 . 

A. The following items are covered :
    1.Landscaping common areas including planting

    2.Lawn mowing, leaf blowing and removal

    3.Yearly gutter cleaning

    4. Water and sewer fees

    5.Tree and shrub trimming and removal

    6. Tree planting is split between the home owner and the WPOA

    7.Periodic driveway re-sealing ( Pavement replacement by common  

    8. Recycle and garbage pick-up. 

    9.Electricity for the front entrance sign.

   10.Directors Liability Insurance for the Board.

   11.Water line breaks etc.

   12 Website maintenance 

     Please note painting is done every 5 years (next painting is scheduled for   

     2023) by common assessment. 

Q. Is there a Bermuda Run guard gate fee ?
A. Yes, $35.00 per month paid annually via Davie Property taxes. 

Q. Who are Warwicke Place elected or appointed representatives government officials 

A. Please see the Government Page for all elected representatives, local, state, and national.